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LIVOS welcomes you!

LIVOS – Since 1974 – natural paints and more

Since 35 years LIVOS is offering natural paints for nearly every application on the interior as well as on the exterior. The range of products is huge containing products for finishing, care and maintenance of walls, ceilings, floors or pollutant redevelopment. Our ambitions are products of the highest quality with natural and renewable raw materials, true to health and eco-friendly.


Good paints need to be enduring, easy to apply and decorative. We say: That is not enough! For us a paint is only good if it does not pollute nature nor humans. Therefore we see to it, that our products spare your body, so that you can act actively and creatively. For more joy and liveliness at home choose LIVOS.


We know: Everything we do has an effect on mankind, climate and the environment. Therefore we check very precisely, what raw materials we use and what quality they have. Hence, we rely on renewable raw materials from regional cultivation. And therefore when importing raw materials we pay attention to that ecological and social standards in the producing country are kept in compliance. Since for us our responsibility towards mankind and the environment does not end at the factory gate.